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TheVeteran.UK is proud to announce the publication of D-Day80, Marking the 80th Anniversary of the Normandy Landings – available in the TVUK Shop as a free digital download and magnificently crafted souvenir print edition at £10.00 per copy.

Designed and produced as a commemorative documentation of unyielding bravery, courage and sacrifice, it also illuminates the brilliant planning, ingenious deception, pioneering technology and, above all, masterful leadership – unparallelled in the history of warfare – which together unlocked the door to Nazi-occupied Europe and its liberation.

D-Day80, produced in support of SSAFA, also hosts a gallery of present-day images of D-Day Veterans produced by renowned photographer Alistair Morrison as part of his five-year Time to Connect project – a wonderful legacy contribution to the memory of the Greatest Generation whose story must never die.

TVUK is immensely grateful to Alistair for this act of kindness and generosity.